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Direct Output Prints from CD (DvD) Usb

Direct Output Prints

To prepare your order for CD (DvD) or Usb through " DigitalWorks Pro-Max ": During 'Check-Out' at the 'Send to us by:' stage select 'Save to disk for alternate delivery' and follow the prompts.

DigitalWorks Pro-Max allows you to complete order by USB if for instance your internet service is too slow.
Orders received packed by DigitalWorks Pro-Max attract the same prices as the online ordering program
because all the information is decrypted and processed by our server as if it were coming in through the internet.

                           * When received at Digital Works, the USB will be treated as if ordering through the internet with bulk discounts applied etc..
 * DigitalWorks Pro-Max will send an automated email when the Usb is unpacked letting you know we have received the order ok
  and an automated email will be sent on completion of the order when ready for Pick-up or Delivery.

(Pro-Max prepared files do not attract the 10% surcharge).

Colour Space and Printer Profiles

1. See also Colour space
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