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Place Mats

Place Mats

This new concept makes it possible to turn your favourite image or images into place mats.
Now your images can become a practical item to share with family and friends over dinner (or should I say under dinner). Suitable for Wedding, Portrait, Scenery, Commercial, in fact all types of photography and makes a wonderful gift item.

The place mats are produced from your image(s) applied to a heat resistant substrate then overlayed with either a canvas texture, or linen texture low slip protective coating. The back of the substrate is white and to finish the place mat, felt pads are supplied which may be applied to the bottom at each corner to prevent scatching of delicate furniture surface. Each place mat can have a different image thereby making each place setting unique.

Place mats are not dish washer safe and should not have hot objects placed on them (e.g. pots and frying pans from the stove or oven). To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Place Mats are available in two sizes. 9x12" (approx 21x32cm) and 10x14" (approx 25x35cm)

To order Placemats.
Now available through our internet ordering software DigitalWorks Pro-Max

Please make sure that any wanted subject matter is well away from the image edges. (e.g. Avoid borders etc. close to the edges)

Digital Works suggestion

Place many images together to make a montage of your images. To make each place setting unique move the images around within the montage, perhaps adding and/or removing one or two new images.
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