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Firewall Access Problems.

Usually the programme downloads and runs easily on computers which do not have active Firewalls.
Listed below are instructions for the two most popular firewalls;


Mc Afee

1: Right click on theMcAfee icon (on your task bar bottom right hand side of screen)
2: Go to theViewScan Console Option.
3: Click on Task in the menu.
4: Properties
5: On the first screen that comes up in the list of ports to block there should be an option (prevent downloads from the world wide web) on port 80 If this is checked uncheck it.


1: Right click on the Nortons icon (on your task bar bottom right hand side of screen)
2: Click Nortons Internet Security.
3: Click Intrusion Detection
4: Select Configure
5: Uncheck HTTP file parsing
6: Click OK
7: Close all screens relating to Nortons
Then if Nortons still blocks,

Digitalworks Online client application configuration for Nortons

Upon using the Digital Works online application for the first time, users who have Norton Personal Firewall installed on their computers will be challenged by the firewall program, asking if you wish to allow Digitalworks Online access to the internet.
Users often select the Deny action by default or by accident, so the application is blocked from accessing the internet when it needs to. When this happens, the program responds with a "Communications Error", and users are often unsure why, or are unsure how to manually configure the firewall to allow Digitalworks online access.

Following are some steps that will allow you to configure Norton Personal Firewall to allow internet communication for the Digitalworks online application
NB: that they were compiled with Norton Internet Security 2006 in mind, but the process should be very similar to other recent versions of the software.

  • Open Norton Personal Firewall, by selecting the icon from the desktop or from the system tray (far right of the taskbar).
  • If it is not already selected, click “Norton Personal Firewall” and then “Status and Settings” from the menu on the left. Then,
  • Select “Personal Firewall” from the list, followed by
  • “Configure” button that should appear in the submenu.
    This should open the configuration screen.
  • Select the “Programs” tab from the menu at the top of this dialog, and
  • Click the “Add…” button near the bottom.
    This should open a file chooser dialog.
  • Go to the folder where you installed the Digitalworks Online software (probably “C:\Program Files\Digitalworks”), choose “DigitalWorks.exe”,then
  • Click Open.
    You should now be presented with a Program Control dialog window.
  • Ensure that “Permit” is selected from the drop down list, and then
  • Click OK.
    If you saw a dialog box stating “You are trying to add a program that already has rules”, then Norton Personal Firewall has automatically added a rule.
    A new program control rule should now have been added to the list.
  • Look for an entry labelled “DigitalWorks” or “RealPix Executable”
    (This is the application that Digital Works Online Ordering is based upon).
    If you would like to manually configure the rule for this program, or a rule was automatically created by Norton Personal Firewall,
  • Select the rule, click “Modify…” and choose
  • Manually configure Internet access”.
  • Click OK.
    This should open a window for program rules.
  • Select the program rule (there should be only one), and
  • Click “Modify…”.
    This should open another dialog titled “Modify Rule”.
    1. From the action tab, select “Permit”.
    2. From the connections tab, select “Connections to and from other computers”.
    3. From the computers tab, select “Any computer”.
    4. From the communications tab, select “TCP”, and “Only the types of communication listed below”. You will need to add communication for two ports numbers; 80 and 443.
    5. If you wish to change the name of the rule, click the description tab. Otherwise, click OK.
    The firewall should now be properly configured to allow access to the Digital Works online ordering application. To check this, run "DigitalWorks.exe" or double click the yellow DW icon on your desktop. Enter your email address and your personal password then click start. The program should now proceed to the add images stage.

  • You may still encounter issues with your firewall if you do not enable 2-way data communications on port 80 for the programme.

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