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PhotoShop Actions & Batches

Photoshop Actions is a very powerful tool and allows most of the actions we perform within photoshop to be recorded and when completed can be played back duplicating the actions we saved previously.
Please also see: Tips and Tricks on using CS scripting tools to re-size images

Recording Actions

New Set

On the history pallette select the Actions tab.

At the bottom of the Actions Tab click the "Create New Set" Icon

Give your new set a Name

Click OK

New Set

At the bottom of the Actions Tab click the "Create New Actions" Icon

Give your new action a name

Click Record.

Photoshop will now start recording every action you make within the program

New Set

Now open an image (you will notice that photoshop fills the action pad with "open".

Then rotate the image 90 CW

New Set


In the tools Tray select the Crop Tool

On the Photoshop Tools options bar, insert the print dimensions
In this example;
Width 7 in
Height 5 in
Resolution 200 pixels/inch

New Set

Drag the cropping tool over the image getting in as much of the image as is possible without going beyond the image area.

Center the cropping guides on the image.

When happy with the crop press the Return/ Enter key on the keyboard.

Save the image as Jpg at level 12 and as baseline standard.

New Set


On the Options Tab click the stop recording icon

The action is now made and should look like this.


New Set


Now we need to make Photoshop stop at the Rotate and Crop actions.

On the left hand side click the empty boxes beside > Rotate first document Action and also beside the > Crop Action.

The action is now complete ready to use as a batch processing action


Batch Processing

Start by making a new folder for your cropped and re-sized images. eg 5x7 @ 200dpi ready for printing.

New Set


With the action we have just created selected, Click File, Automate batch.



New Set


This dialog box will appear.

Under the heading check that the SET drop down box has Re-Sizing selected and the ACTION drop down has the 5x7 @ 200 dpi is selected. (assuming you called them same as in our example)

Under the SOURCE drop down box choose FOLDER and navigate to your originals folder.

Check "Override Action "Open" Commands

Under the DESTINATION drop down choose the folder you made for the completed images ready for printing. eg "5x7 @ 200dpi ready for printing" folder. and CHECK the Overrde Action "Save As" commands.

Click OK and the Batch action will start.

New Set

If the image needs to be rotated to a landscape (Horizontal) click OK otherwise enter 0 then OK

(To change the rotation feature to '0' instead of '90' degrees by double clicking Rotation recorded Action in the Actions tab, insert 0 click OK, then cancelling the action with the Esc key.)

New Set


If needed, move the cropping bounding box as required to suit then Press Enter/Return on your computer's Keyboard.

The batch action will save the image in the Destination location and move on to the next image in the folder repeating the actions as recorded.

(If all your images are already Horizontal, you could turn the action for rotaion to OFF by clicking the tick OFF on the action tab.)


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