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Upload & Optimisation
DigitalWorks Pro-Max upload speed is a popular topic for a number of questions:.
    1. Optimising for upload
    2. Upload Speeds
      • Why does uploading take so long
      • I have Broadband
      • I have cable, NBN, or Fibre to the node.
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How do I Optimise my images for faster uploads?

Images are not resampled prior to or during upload to our servers.
Please also see: Tips and Tricks on using the CS scripting tool to re-size images.

  • Unnecessarily large images will substantially slow your upload speed and potentially cause delays to your order.
  • For the best transfer speed vs quality, resample images to the required print size at 200dpi.
  • A warning message will appear if images are considered to be excessively large. (for most print sizes this occures at 600dpi)
  • A warning message will appear if images fall below 150dpi at the print size product.
  • To ensure the image is capable of the print size you require, edit in Photoshop.
    (To check the dpi at the print size you require open the image, select <Image> <Image Size> With Proportional ON and Resample OFF, enter the print dimension as Inches. If the dpi falls below 150dpi the resultant print may suffer from pixelation. With the Resample switched back ON and at your discretion the image should then be Resampled to 200dpi.)
Please also see: Tips and Tricks
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Upload Speeds

Why does uploading seem to take so long ?
The following factors will impact on the time it takes to upload your order:
  • Your Internet Connection type & plan.
  • The number of images in your order
  • Image pixel dimension (Image size).
  • Other software using the Internet at the same time, eg. Browsing, checking for email, etc.
  • Computer processing speed.
  • Internet traffic at the time of placing order.
I have a broadband connection, shouldn't it be much faster?

Most broadband plans focus on the download speed, not the upload speed and as such upload speed is typically 1/2 to 1/4 of your download speed.
Also, the download/upload figures for plans are given in kilobits per second. This number must be divided by 8 to get the kilobytes per second figure.

For Example:
A 512k download plan will typically have a 128k upload speed or less. This results in an actual upload speed of 16KB per second. A typical image file sent via DigitalWorks Pro-Max at around 650KB would take just over 40 seconds to upload.
Considering that it is rare to reach the actual maximum upload speed, you could assume that one image would take around one minute to upload with this scenario.
Your upload speed is then also limited by the amount of traffic on the Internet at the time, as well as your computer processing speed.

If you are lucky enough to have cable, NBN or Fibre to the node internet service, upload speeds will be much faster, but still can be restricted by local traffic in your area and server traffic at Digital Works.

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