Frequently Asked Questions
Work Flow Tips & Tricks
Here are a few Tips & Tricks to speed up the ordering process
    1. Re-Sizing images using Photoshop CS scripts
    2. Drag&Drop a whole folder of images into a product.
    3. Saving an Order Session
    4. Bulk Prints and Slow Internet (Saving order to USB)
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Photoshop CS scripting tool

I have several images to upload for the same size print. How can I re-size images efficiently?
Script menu To start: Make a folder to receive the images which have been converted to the size you require.
(DO NOT Over-write your original images)

In this example we are making 4x6 prints, so make a folder called eg "resized to 4x6"

Then open Photoshop CS click 'File' > 'Scripts' > 'Image Processor'

Script Image Processor Assuming your image is proportional to the print size product....
  1. Select your originals image folder.
  2. Select the receiving folder location.
    (DO NOT select 'Save in Same location'. This will Over-write your original images.)
  3. Check 'Save as JPEG'
  4. 'Quality' insert "12"
  5. Check 'Convert Profile to' sRGB
  6. Check 'Resize to Fit'
  7. To calculate the image dimension in pixels
    take the longest side of the new image dimension,
    multiply by the required dpi (recommended 200 - 300dpi)
    e.g. Largest side in this example is 6" x 300dpi = 1800px
    Insert this calculation to both W:1800 and H:1800
    (This insures the image is set correctly irrespective of the image rotation)
  8. Hit 'Run'

Please also see Drag&Drop and Saving to Usb below

Panorama sizes should be cropped and sized in Photoshop using the pre-set cropping tool.

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Adding a whole folder of Images to a Pro-max Product
What is the quickest way to add several images for upload at the same size print?

Select Print Size

It is not necessary to add images to the Image Tray if you are printing a whole folder of images to the same Print Size Product.

  1. Login to DigitalWorks Pro-Max.
  2. Click 'Order' (at the top)
  3. Click on the Print Size Product and
  4. Choose the options you require.
  5. Open your folder with your already pre-sized images
    See above: CS scripting tool.
  6. Select all or some of the images in the folder.
  7. Drag&Drop the selected images into the Print Size Product
  8. All the selected images will be added.
  9. Click 'View Cart' to check all images are there.
  10. Go back to 'Order' and repeat for other Print Size Products
    or Click on the pulsing green 'Check Out' at lower right.

Please also see Saving to Usb below

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Temporarily save your order

Can I save my order and resume it later?

If you need to leave your order to complete it at a later time, you can save so it will resume where you have left off next time you start DigitalWorks Pro-Max.

Bulk Printing and / or Slow Internet upload speed.

Can I save my order to USB and bring it in to Digital Works or send in by mail or courier?

DigitalWorks Pro-Max allows you to complete order by USB if for instance your internet service is too slow.
Orders received packed by DigitalWorks Pro-Max attract the same prices as the online ordering program
because all the information is processed by our server as if it were coming in through the internet.

 * When received at Digital Works, the USB will be treated as if ordering through the internet with bulk discounts applied etc..
 * DigitalWorks Pro-Max will send an automated email when the Usb is unpacked letting you know we have received the order ok
  and an automated email will be sent on completion of the order when ready for Pick-up or Delivery.

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