Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started

The following topics may be helpful getting started with your first DigitalWorks Pro-Max project.

      1. Anti-virus / Firewalls
      2. Mac Security settings
      3. Collection and Delivery
        • Choice of collecting from Digital Works, or delivery.
        • Delivery times
      4. Print Sizes / Cropping
      5. Price List
      6. What is Direct Output?

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Anti-Virus / Firewalls

Firewalls and security suites can affect DigitalWorks Pro-Max by preventing or limiting Internet access.

Most firewalls provide a visual notification when a program tries to access the Internet for the first time.
You need to allow DigitalWorks Pro-Max access when this notice appears and, if applicable, set to 'always allow'.
If using a corporate or hardware firewall you may also need to enable Port 8080 for two-way communications.

In addition to uploading images for your order, an Internet connection is also required to:

  • Start the software.
  • Check for application updates
  • Download the Catalog and Pricing information
  • Download visual aids
  • Establish a secure connection for order/payment details.

If your firewall did not notify you, or you have accidentally blocked DigitalWorks Pro-Max, you will find instructions on how to change the settings from either the manual or the support website of your product.

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Mac / Security Settings

Security settings can affect DigitalWorks Pro-Max by preventing Installation or limiting Internet access.

Includes error messages such as: "DW Pro Max can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed."

To allow DigitalWorks Pro-Max to proceed...
  • Goto System Preferences.
  • Click on the “Security & Privacy” option.
  • At the bottom click on the padlock icon.
  • Enter your Mac security password.
  • Change the radio button option to allow apps downloaded from: “Anywhere”.
  • The installer / program should now be able to run.
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Collection and Delivery

What choices are there to collect my order from Digital Works?

DigitalWorks Pro-Max offer both collection and delivery options.

  • Online orders may be collected at Digital Works by you or by your representative.
  • You may also arrange to have your order collected by your preferred **delivery service.
    **By prior arrangement. *Extra packing and handling fees will apply.
  • Digital Works Pro-Max also offers delivery method choices of Express Post or FastWay Couriers

Please also see FAQs on Delivery Options for more information

How long will it take for my DigitalWorks Pro-Max order to be delivered?

Service and delivery times vary dependant on the product chosen and the method of delivery.
Typically, you will receive an email when your order is ready for delivery or pick-up.

If your order has not arrived within the stated Service and Delivery Times, please email Digital Works.
Please reply to an automated email or include your Order Number and Date of Order to assist staff in locating your order records.

Also See Service Times, Express Post, FastWay, Transit Cover

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The Image is cropping in the program. Why is that and what can I do?

The program automatically re-sizes the image to take full advantage of the print size area choosen in "Fill In" mode.
Both Windows and Mac version has a "Fit-in" option.

  • By clicking on the image within the Product Panel, a tool will appear which allows zoom, pan, and rotation of the image.
  • Choose the nearest print size and use the "Fit-in" option.
  • Fit-In option will fit (resize) the image to best fit the print size
  • Re-canvas your image to next nearest print size available in the list.

    *Please also see Image Pre-Sizing Cropping for more information
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Print Sizes

The print size I want to order is not in the list, what do I do?

An extensive range of print sizes are offered within the program. They include square, standard and panorama sizes.
If you require a specific size not available within DigitalWorks Pro-Max these options may assist:
Please also see Image Pre-Sizing Cropping for more information.

  • Choose the nearest print size and use the "Fit-in" option. (this option will auto-resize the image to best suit the print size)
  • Re-canvas your image to suit the next nearest larger print size available in the product list.
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Price List

I want to check your prices. How do I do That?

The easiest and most convenient way to get an up-to-date price of all our products is through the DigitalWorks Pro-Max program.
If you haven't already done so download our latest program DigitalWorks Pro-Max.
The latest versions (3.2.150 and above) fetches and calculates the pricing selections as you go making viewing prices much quicker.

  1. Start the program then "Order"
    • Open the Category Tab you require
    • The prices displayed are at the one off print price
    • By changing the "Qty" of products required the prices are displayed including any discounts.
    • Prices breaks are typically at 1, 2, 10, 50, and 100+
  2. Load a dummy image on the "Order" page,
    • Choose the Category Tab, eg '5mm foamcore'
    • Choose the Print Size eg '10x14'
    • Choose the Variation eg 'Special Texture'
    • Choose the "Qty" you require to apply any discounts.
    • Press "Add to Cart". (below the image )
    • Then click "Shopping Cart" at the top right.
    • The total price and all the options chosen along with any additional costs are shown on this page.
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Direct Output

What does Direct Output mean ?

Direct Output means that you have prepared your images ready to print as listed below
The images you supply are queued directly to our printers. No corrections or alterations are applied to your images other than printer profiling.
That is to say, we do not see or adjust your images before printing.(unless correction, retouching etc are requested.)
Please note: as this is a direct output service any request which requires the file to be opened for any reason, a minimum file opening fee of $5 per image will apply

What must I do to make my images ready to print?

  1. The images for printing are:
    • 8bit / Channel
    • RGB Colour Mode
    • sRGB colour Space
    • 200-300 dpi at the required print size
    • Jpg level 12, base line standard, No Guide Lines.
    • Image File Names contain only letters, numbers, dashes and underscores.
    • Allow at least 3-4mm bleed area for oversizing. (more on the short side of a panorama print due to its ratio)
    • Allow substantially more bleed area for mounting and finishing. (E.g. Typically a frame rebate is ~6mm)
      More detailed information on bleed can be found on the Quick Overview Page.
  2. Your image editing Monitor has been: (for best image reproduction results)
    • Calibrated to Icc standards
    • A sample print has been made through Digital Works
    • You have checked the sample print against your monitor as a match

For Mac users it is highly recommend you try these two links
** Mactalk Forum ** (problems calibrating Mac screens)
** Optimising Mac screens **

Please also see Quick Overview

We proudly supply great speedy service of the highest quality, if you can follow these simple guide lines.
In essence, If we get it wrong we will gladly redo printing at our cost - If you get it wrong you must redo it at your own cost.

In addition:
Digital Works order fulfillment software is a direct output service.
Where an adjustment or additional service is requested, the order must be removed from the regular work flow.
Should an image require inspection, adjustment, retouching, correction, trimming or manipulation, extra charges will be imposed.
Additional services may delay or extend order completion date. Minimum file opening fee is $5
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