Frequently Asked Questions
General enquiries regarding DigitalWorks Pro-Max include:
    1. Image requirements (Overview)
    2. Image Preview Quality
    3. Maximum Image Quantity
    4. Combining Orders


Image Preview Quality

Does the Preview Step show my images as they will appear when printed?
Why does my image appear to be lower quality in DigitalWorks Pro-Max than in viewing/editing programs such as Photoshop?

The images seen within DigitalWorks Pro-Max are optimised for efficient display and are not the images that will be printed.
This ensures the software is compatible with the broadest range of computing environments possible.
It also contributes significantly to speed and performance for features such as crop, image effects.

Provided the image quality warning does not appear, you can reasonably expect your prints to be of the highest quality.

You can also improve the visual experience by choosing the optimal screen resolution for your monitor.

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Maximum Image Quantity

Is there a limit to the number of images I can have in a single order?

There have been no physical limits placed upon the quantity of images in an order.
large volumes can impact performance and on the stability of your computer system.
This is due to the high memory requirements of such orders. Older or 'low-spec' computers may struggle with orders of over 100 images.

Unfortunately, it is a matter of trial and error to determine what your computer will comfortably handle.
Orders in excess 1000 images of varying sizes are successfully placed via the DigitalWorks Pro-Max system on a regular basis.

Please also see Saving Order to Usb for bulk orders or when internet speed is too slow.

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Combining Orders

Can I have multiple orders packaged together to save on Postage?

Yes you can.
For your convenience to save on freight charges, orders can be combined and packaged together.
There may be several reasons this is an advantage including dividing orders into more manageable sessions.

  • If you have made several orders and wish to have them sent together saving on freight,
    Check the 'Please Send With Previous Orders' check box located on the Shopping Cart page then enter the #Order number(s) supplied on the confirmation email.
  • Please be advised that Digital Works do not open orders placed after the 12 noon order cut-off.
  • An email would be advisable if orders span this cut-off time.
  • Quantity discounts are applied by the order session. Not the aggregate of the orders.
    e.g. to get 100+ discount all orders must exceed 100 prints
  • This is an added no charge privilege service and as such Digital Works will not be held liable should we fail to fulfill these instructions.
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